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we ♥ our fandom | jk dorks
to spazz over your favourite fandom is not a sin
[pic] dbsk before debut 
17th-Jul-2009 07:56 pm
click on for larger image.

MASA does it again! he released his newest album 2days ago.
p.s he is the guy that made 'sexy purple line'

K-BOOTIE vol. 2
Release Date: July 15, 2009
Language: Korean, English
Genre: Remix / Mash-up
Cover art: Adonias Junior

01. AMIGO Dance (SHINee vs. Lady Gaga)
02. Whine AH (After School vs. Kat DeLuna)
03. Mirotic Conmigo (Dong Bang Shin Ki vs. Don Omar & Daddy Yankee)
04. If You Seek Amy Again & Again (2PM vs. Britney Spears)
05. Everybody's Tired (Bae Seul Ki vs. Evanescence)
06. That's Just The Secret Telephaty (Younha vs. Younha vs. Jonas Brothers)
07. Super Nobody (Wonder Girls vs. Jewelry)
08. Gee Girls (So Nyeo Shi Dae vs. P!nk)
09. Secret Break (Sugar vs. KARA)
10. ADIOS P'a Bailar (Bajofondo Tango Club vs. Eun Ji Won & Mr. Tyfoon)
11. I Did It So Hot (BoA vs. Wonder Girls)

Individual links (Mediafire)
Full album (.zip / Mediafire)

18th-Jul-2009 07:55 am (UTC)
my least fave here has got to be if you seek amy again and again. because it's so boring. ):

BUT I LOVE SUPER NOBODY SO SO MUCH. because jewelry is awesome. (idc about wg, lol.)

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